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[56] The series starred Diane Kruger as U.S. Detective Sonya Cross and Demián Bechir as Mexican Detective Marco Ruiz. A distraught Martin blames Jens, and begins to suffer renewed symptoms of paranoia. Spontan fährt Katja auf den oberbayerischen „Birkenhof“, um dort nach dem Rechten zu sehen. As more people are murdered, Henrik realizes that the common link between the victims is people associated with Tommy - a gangster and a police informer that Henrik used to know 4 years prior. When she tells Henrik, he is furious and throws her out of the house. Throughout the series, Henrik is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his family, consuming narcotics to cope and seeing hallucinations of them in his abode. Geblieben von der Hoffnung auf Recht und Demokratie ist erschreckend … [51], In January 2013, Kudos and Shine France announced a joint United Kingdom – France production called The Tunnel, with the discovery of the body of a French politician at the half-way point of the Channel Tunnel. Das Schicksal von Inge Lechner geht ihr besonders nahe: Die alleinstehende Bäuerin hat einen Hof und drei Kinder zu versorgen und scheut sich deshalb vor der lebenswichtigen Chemotherapie. Im bayerischen Frühling ist wieder viel los: Dorfhelferin Katja Baumann (Thomalla) muss der jungen Inga Lohmeyer (Cordula Zielonka) zur Seite stehen: Ihre gehörlose Mutter Elisabeth (Saskia Vester) wurde von einem Auto … The Scandinavian launch of the third series was on 27 September 2015. [20] Hans Rosenfeldt confirmed that Bodnia had left the show because Bodnia was not happy about the way that his on-screen character was evolving. Der Funke, der das Fass zur Explosion brachte, war in erster Linie die Hoffnungslosigkeit der jungen Menschen. [25] Sofia Helin is credited alone in the first episode's opening titles, with Thure Lindhardt listed alongside her thereafter. The series features Bront Palarae (Malaysia) and Rebecca Lim (Singapore). Vor Ort findet sie das perfekte Chaos vor: Die Tiere sind ausgebüchst, vom kleinen Tim fehlt jede Spur und die größere Schwester setzt sich mit dem Mofa ab. Frühling (2011) ZDF-Serie mit Simone Thomalla als Katja Baumann, die als Dorfhelferin die kleine Alpengemeinde Frühling bei den täglichen Herausforderungen des Landlebens unterstützt. Die bereits ausgestrahlten „Frühling“-Folgen. He eventually finds her at the train tracks where her sister killed herself, looking visibly distressed. The murders are described on the television news, leading Emil Larsson, an art gallery employee, to come forward and show that they may have been staged to look like artworks from a collection owned by multi-millionaire Freddie Holst. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten wir Provisionen im Rahmen eines Affiliate-Partnerprogramms. Frühling (TV Series) is a TV Series directed by Michael Karen, Thomas Jauch, Peter Stauch ... with Simone Thomalla, Marco Girnth, Carolyn Genzkow, Merab Ninidze, Johannes Herrschmann .... Year: 2011. Sofia Helin, as the Swedish police detective Saga Norén, stars in all four series. When a female body is found on a construction site in Malmö, Sweden – posed in a tableau representing a traditional family – Saga is assigned to the case together with a Copenhagen police officer Hanne Thomsen, who is hostile towards Saga due to her role in the incarceration of Martin Rohde. Returning to Malmö, she stops at the halfway point to throw her police badge into the sea. Kurz entschlossen sagt Katja den geplanten sechswöchigen Skandinavien-Urlaub mit ihrem Mann ab und übernimmt das Ruder auf dem Bauernhof – eine echte Herausforderung für die Großstädterin, die plötzlich Traktor fahren, Hühnerställe säubern und Kühe melken muss. Winter is arrested and provides details about the murders. [61], The German/Austrian series Der Pass features Julia Jentsch and Nicholas Ofczarek. [5][6][7][8] The third series was broadcast in Denmark, Sweden and Finland during the autumn of 2015 and in the UK in November 2015. Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė plays the Estonian detective Inga Vermaa. Her phone rings, and she answers just with her name, omitting her former job title. Zudem waren etwa 2000 Feriengäste im Saas-Tal für zwei Tage gefangen. From episode 6, it aired against the popular reality show Berg flyttar in [sv], which would beat The Bridge until the final episode, when they virtually tied. [62] The 8-episode series premiered on 17 January 2019 on Sky Deutschland. While attempting to question Anker's son Morten, a mentally unstable veteran of the war in Afghanistan, Thomsen is wounded by a booby trap. TV-Dramödie mit Simone Thomalla – aus der 2011 gestarteten Reihe mit Dorfgeschichten. In 90 Minuten geht es hier um das, worauf es ankommt im Leben. [18], In January 2014, Hans Rosenfeldt was writing the third series and retaining most of the main characters. Alice had initially left Henrik when their relationship broke down, taking the girls in with Frank. Her therapist suggests that Saga is a police officer to make amends for her sister's suicide. The character is intentionally never named in the series. The first series begins with the discovery of a dead body exactly on the Denmark–Sweden border, the centre of the Øresund Bridge, which links Malmö with Copenhagen, necessitating a joint investigation. Als Arabischer Frühling (arabisch الربيع العربي, DMG ar-Rabīʿ al-ʿArabī) oder auch Arabellion wird eine im Dezember 2010 beginnende Serie von Protesten, Aufständen und Revolutionen in der arabischen Welt bezeichnet. This forces Linn to temporarily suspend Saga and replaces her with Rasmus, previously shunned by Hans for obstruction of justice in the eco-terrorist case. As the police close in on the group, they are all found dead in a shipping container, thus raising the question of whether there are other terrorist cells or a larger group. Jens kidnaps August and traps him in a coffin. However, August has been killed. Her work had been the target of numerous threats, including vlog posts by right-wing lawyer Lise Frise Andersen, whose husband owns the facility where Anker's body was discovered. A social worker, Stefan Lindberg is an early suspect; his estranged sister Sonja is a poisoning victim. Saga is interviewed by Internal Affairs. Gute Taten, starke Gefühle, maue Dialoge. When he tries to kill her, Oliver's wife Gertrud arrives to save Viktoria and kills Oliver. Marie-Louise claims that Saga has been to her home and threatened her. Click here to Bid and win similar clean & salvage BMW 3 SERIES at, at competitive price. In the midst of the investigation, Martin has an affair with one of the victims of the Truth Terrorist during a home visit. The opening and closing theme is a cut of the song "Hollow Talk" by Copenhagen-based Danish chamber pop band Choir of Young Believers. With her guilt resolved, Saga discovers she can explore life outside of the police. The Bridge (Danish: Broen Danish pronunciation: ; Swedish: Bron Swedish pronunciation: ) is a Nordic noir crime television series created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt.A joint creative and financed production between Sweden's Sveriges Television and Denmark's Danmarks Radio, it has been shown in more than 100 countries.. Each episode is 60 minutes in length. She agrees to proceed with the pregnancy provided he keeps the baby and raises it on his own. Kaum zu glauben, dass schon zehn Jahre vergangen sind, seit sich in Nordafrika und im Nahen Osten die Menschen in den jeweiligen Ländern gegen ihre Herrscher erhoben. Martin has had a vasectomy. Each episode is 60 minutes in length. Saga is then assigned a new Danish partner, Henrik Sabroe. The victim is identified as Helle Anker, a resident of Copenhagen. "Broen – mest populær i Norge – NRK – Kultur og underholdning", "Silta teki Sofia Helinistä kansainvälisen tähden – Yle Uutiset –", "The Bridge UK – Timeline Photos – Facebook", "Bron - Broen – Timeline Photos – Facebook", "The Bridge returns: Saga welcomed back in series 3", "The Bridge creator says fourth series will be show's last", "The final series of The Bridge will move to BBC2 in 2018",, "Who is the new sidekick in The Bridge series four? The investigation quickly escalates as a journalist, Daniel Ferbé, whose car was used in the crime, begins receiving phone calls. A coaster veers off course and rams into the Øresund Bridge. Saga Norén from Sweden and Martin Rohde from Denmark lead the murder investigations. The police assume that Oliver acted alone as the ringleader of the plot, but Saga then turns up further evidence that there must be at least one more accomplice. Eventually, the police arrive at the conference and begin searching for the dying Viktoria. A woman named Jeanette carrying Freddie's baby is kidnapped and a woman named Annika is discovered. When the fourth series started broadcasting on 1 January 2018 in the Nordic countries, Rosenfeld confirmed that this was to be the final series; it was written so as to bring the previous story-lines to a satisfactory conclusion.[13][26]. This affair reaches Mette, who ousts Martin from the Rhode residence. "Frühling für Anfänger", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV Hans Petterson is abducted and Linn Björkman takes over as his replacement. A joint creative and financed production between Sweden's Sveriges Television and Denmark's Danmarks Radio, it has been shown in more than 100 countries.[1]. Back in Denmark, Saga uncovers that the real target is August, who Jens catfishes to gain access to information about the case and his location. Denmark's DR1 followed a week later in their 20.00 slot every Wednesday. Jens has meticulously crafted a plan of revenge for Martin, after Martin cheated on his wife several years prior. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Co-producers NRK screened the series in Norway with audiences in excess of 600,000 viewers. She had later died of a fall, with Frank telling the daughters that both their parents had died. The series ends as Martin is arrested, apparently as a result of her intervention, whilst Saga looks on longingly as the friendship between them disappears before her eyes.[17]. According to Flores Jair, his character’s name is David, but this has not been confirmed by the show’s writers. She starts therapy after having a panic attack while driving across the bridge and Henrik attends meetings for addicts. Frühling: Katja ist Krankenschwester und mit ganzem Herzen für die Patienten auf ihrer Station da. She also notes that the victims are selected not because of their actions but because of something their loved ones have done. The series premiered in Australia on Wednesday, 5 September 2012 on SBS Two,[40] where the first episode had overnight ratings of 101,000 viewers. [9][10] The fourth series premiered on 1 January 2018 in the Nordic countries[11][12][13] and was broadcast weekly on BBC Two in the UK from 11 May 2018.[14]. As the investigation is seemingly wrapped up, Jens kidnaps Mette and Martin's children (sans August), forcing Martin to save them. Two years later, having spent more than a year in prison, Saga Norén is released following a retrial which found that there was reasonable doubt about her murdering her mother. The Russian series is set between Narva and Ivangorod; the bridge being the road crossing at Narva. The NTV network had picked up the drama series for a two-seasons order and filming began in January 2016. The police pathologist shows that two of the dead bodies found earlier contain a deadly virus, which causes internal bleeding and becomes airborne once the victim's blood escapes the body; Saga and Martin guess that Gertrud has developed the virus and infected Viktoria with the intent of spreading it at the EU conference. Emily ... Im Frühling und Sommer 2010 ging Osment in Europa für das Album auf Promotiontour, wo sie auch 2 Mal für jeweils mehrere Auftritte in Deutschland unterwegs war. Als Kulisse für den fiktiven Ort "Frühling" dient übrigens das oberbayerische Bayrischzell. [14][49][50], In 2014, The Bridge won two Golden Nymph Awards: for Best European Drama Series, and Best Actor in a Drama Series for Kim Bodnia. Für immer Frühling (2011) [55], In July 2012, US network FX ordered a pilot episode to be made for the American audience: El Paso, US – Juárez, Mexico; the bridge being the Bridge of the Americas. Saga hears that Jens has died in prison, apparently a suicide, and suspects Martin of having poisoned him, using the poison he stole from Oliver. During the retrieval of a sunken boat, seven corpses are found inside. Mit gleich vier neuen Filmen feiert die "Herzkino"-Reihe "Frühling" im ZDF ihr zehnjähriges Bestehen – der allererste Film mit Simone Thomalla als Dorfhelferin Katja Baumann wurde im Juni 2011 ausgestrahlt. [52][53] Broadcast began in October 2013 on Sky Atlantic in the UK and Canal+ in France. Fazit. The series ends with Henrik and Saga studying the case information about the disappearance of Henrik's daughters. When Viktoria asks Oliver to keep out of her life, he confesses that he is responsible for the eco-terrorist acts. A gunshot is heard and Henrik sees that Brian has been shot dead by Saga. Series three consists of 10 episodes. The league was originally scheduled to start on 27 August, but this was … Sveriges Television reported that up to November 2013, the first series had been purchased for broadcasting in 134 countries worldwide[36] and the Daily Telegraph reported in February 2014 that The Bridge was on screen in 174 countries. Deadline Hollywood announced in February 2013 that FX had picked up the drama series for a 13-episode order and filming began in April. [38] In Germany, it was shown by broadcaster ZDF from 18 March 2012. Each episode is 60 minutes in length. The names, along with the Swedish and Danish titles, were separated by three lines, indicating the third series; they had been separated by one line in the first, and two in the second series. Series four consists of eight episodes. Die Serie ist ein Konkurrenzprodukt zur US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie Die Borgias mit Jeremy Irons in der … Saga goes to his house in time to rescue him. [63], Series one DVD for the United Kingdom release. In Poland, the series was broadcast in double episodes from 2 May to 30 May 2012 on Ale Kino+. Saga discovers that the murderer is Tommy's former lover, Susanne Winter, personal assistant to the Thormonds. He also voiced concerns in an interview about working in Malmö, due to the city's problems with antisemitism, which had made his decision to leave the series easier. On January 9, 2014 it also started screening on yes VoD with both series 1 and 2 available. Vor zehn Jahren machte der Arabische Frühling weltweit Schlagzeilen. Freddie outfoxes his security detail, goes to the secluded location that the killer has instructed and finds himself with Emil Larsson who explains that he has been enacting justice on those who wronged him during his childhood. Oliver, who lives in the house opposite to his sister's and has secretly installed cameras in her house, watches them make love. The first series was broadcast on the Swedish SVT1 and Danish DR1 during the autumn of 2011, and on the United Kingdom's BBC Four the following spring. Katja es enfermera y quiere disfrutar de seis semanas de vacaciones junto con su marido Peter en un intento por recuperar su relación. The second series aired in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland during the autumn of 2013,[2][3][4] and in the UK in early 2014. Upon hearing this, Martin attempts to kill Jens, but Saga wounds the both of them. Lillian is distraught when she receives Hans's decapitated head in a bouquet of flowers, causing her to relinquish her power to Jonas. Saga visits Henrik and tells him she is leaving to explore doing the things she wants to do but promises to stay in touch, sharing a kiss before Saga leaves. Dank ihrer detailreichen 3D-Grafiken lässt die Neufassung die Fans der Serie tiefer denn je in das Abenteuer eintauchen. Das bedeutet keine Mehrkosten für Käufer, unterstützt uns aber bei der Finanzierung dieser Website. She is eventually discovered in a bathroom by Pernille, who handcuffs her to a pipe to help contain her. Holst had legally gained control of his company and art collection after Claes was admitted to rehab. The 2011–12 Serie A (known as the Serie A TIM after its headline sponsors) was the 110th season of top-tier Italian football, the 80th in a round-robin tournament, and the second since its organization under a league committee separate from Serie B.It began on 3 September 2011 and ended on 13 May 2012. The series ends as Martin grieves in the hospital and Saga drives back to Sweden. They discover that he has been planning his campaign over a period of several years. Anker, a lesbian married to a Swedish woman, was the pioneer of Denmark's first gender-neutral preschool. The first airing of the series was screened on Sweden's SVT1 weekly from Wednesday 21 September 2011 at 21.00. There, he is befriended by a man named Kevin, wheelchair-bound after paralysing himself by jumping off a balcony in a drugged up stupor. Cast & Crew. In Brazil, the series premiered on +Globosat channel on 13 August 2012 at 22h. On several occasions, The Bridge failed to have sufficient viewers to be placed in SVT1's weekly Top 10 programmes. Aus einem Hotel in Frühling erreicht Katja ein Anruf: Zwei Kinder sitzen allein im Speisesaal, seit ihre Eltern zu einer Bergtour aufgebrochen und nicht wieder zurückgekehrt sind. I might die of despair", SBS Guide: 'Catch the Bridge', 6 February 2018, "Top of the Lake takes clean sweep at Monte Carlo's Golden Nymph Awards", "The Bridge becomes the Tunnel in Anglo-French crime thriller remake", "Battle of the Bridge babes – London Life – Life & Style – London Evening Standard", "AMC Cancels 'The Killing' While FX Orders a Pilot for a Scandinavian Remake of Its Own", "FX Cancels 'The Bridge' After Two Seasons", "Asian remake of popular Scandinavian noir is a bridge too far", "Umjubelte Deuschlandpremiere in München",, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles containing Swedish-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sarah Boberg as Lillian Larsen, the Police Commissioner in Copenhagen, later married to Petterson, Rafael Pettersson as John Lundqvist, IT expert for Malmö police, Gabriel Flores Jair as the Malmö police pathologist, Emil Birk Hartmann as August Rohde, Martin Rohde's eldest son, Christian Hillborg as Daniel Ferbé, journalist at Aftonposten in Malmö, Kristian Lima de Faria as Åke, Daniel's colleague, Ole Boisen as Henning Tholstrup, Martin's colleague, Vickie Bak Laursen as Pernille Lindegaard, Danish junior police detective, Sven Ahlström as Oliver Nordgren, Viktoria's brother, Camilla Bendix as Gertrud Kofoed, chief scientist at Medisonus, Oliver's wife, Fredrik Hiller as Marcus Stenberg, shipping owner, Lotte Merete Andersen as Bodil Brandstrup, Caroline Brandstrup-Julin's sister, Peter Christoffersen as Julian Madsen, owner of Copenhagen IT Consulting, Moritz Lützhøft as Alexander, Caroline's husband, Katrine Greis-Rosenthal as Alice Sabroe, Henrik Sabroe's wife, Alexander Behrang Keshtkar as Taariq Shirazi, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 15:18.

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